What are we here for?

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The Thomas Promise Foundation

The Thomas Promise Foundation each week packs more than 1,100 backpacks with safe, no perishable, and nutritious food for school kids here in Pasco County through weekend when school meals are not availible. For more information about this organization or to find out out how you can help, visit www.thethomaspromise.org

Zephyrhills High School

The Zephyrhills High School Cross Country team recently received horrific news. Zachary Springfield an upcoming senior and avid distance runner was diagnosed with Bone Cancer. The portion of the proceeds that were going to the Zephyrhills High School Cross Country team is now going to his family for medical bills.

Pasco High School

Pasco High School originated from the earliest school in Dade City, and is the first high school in Pasco County. This first school in Dade City held classes at the Baptist Church in the town. There Cross Country will be volunteering all over the course.

I Play Track Foundation

I Play Track Foundation is a non-profit organization and inspires all running communities to leave no child behind. They collect gently-used second hand shoes and give them to those in need! So bring all your old running and track shoes and drop them off.

This organization is not receiving any monetary fund from this race. I Play Track Foundation’s founder, Joseph Fuller, is helping plan and direct the event alongside the Thomas Promise Foundation